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In an ever-changing economic climate, it is imperative to operate with precision and dexterity. Since every cent counts, we at Quality & Care Logistics LLC ensure that we keep looking for cost efficient & effective carrier.

We know looking for a cost effective motor carriers will take up your time.

  • Because you have to verify insurance.
  • Look up the Authority and safety of the carrier
  • And then take the pain call to make sure that pick up and delivery is on time.

and still you are not sure of a perfect delivery.

Well, That is why QUALITY & CARE LOGISTICS LLC is here.

We do all the work for you that have to do with the carrier.

  • We will verify insurance
  • Check the authority and safety of the Motor carrier
  • Make the check calls to make sure that the pick up and delivery go as plan.
  • We will put in all our efforts to mediate claims for our customers, if needed.

Every day, our customers count on us to overcome the challenges standing between them and their success. Let us deal with the stress that comes with the motor carriers, so that you can focus more on getting your work done.